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  • COVID-19 Crisis: Business Partners Helping Now

    COVID-19 Crisis: Business Partners Helping Now

    This group is intended for business partners to post messages, offers and resources to help providers during the COVID-19 crisis. Posts should be helpful and not overtly commercial in nature.
    Last Activity: 20 days ago
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  • Enterprise Membership Resource Forum

    Enterprise Membership Resource Forum

    This community group encourages you to connect with administrators in other Enterprise Member organizations to share best practices, strategies, problems (and solutions), and insights related to HFMA’s Enterprise Membership.
    43 members
  • HFMA Annual Conference Network

    HFMA Annual Conference Network

    Join our annual conference network for purposeful, meaningful connections and discussions between annual conference attendees, speakers, business partners and members. This is a space to explore and expand on ideas and connect virtually and in person.
    225 members
  • HFMA Certifications

    HFMA Certifications

    Join this group to ask questions related to HFMA certification programs, network with peers, and share ideas and best practices.
    Last Activity: 6 hours ago
    95 members
  • Legal and Regulatory Forum

    Legal and Regulatory Forum

    The Legal and Regulatory Forum is a community where healthcare compliance professionals and attorneys focus on on exploring, sharing and interpreting legal and regulatory issues.
    310 members
  • Membership Resource Forum

    Membership Resource Forum

    All members and prospective members are invited to explore this group which focuses on HFMA membership and benefits. Feel free to offer feedback, pose membership-related questions, and connect with others about their personal membership experiences.
    Last Activity: 4 days ago
    18 members
  • Open Forum

    Open Forum

    This is a group for all HFMA members to join, participate, share and start discussions around any subject you are interested. Please make sure to follow HFMA Guidelines.
    350 members
  • Payment and Reimbursement Forum

    Payment and Reimbursement Forum

    The Payment and Reimbursement Forum is a community group where healthcare contracting professionals can share questions, answers, tools, and blog posts about payment and reimbursement issues.
    518 members
  • Revenue Cycle Forum

    Revenue Cycle Forum

    The Revenue Cycle Forum is a community group where revenue cycle VPs, directors, and managers focus on exploring, sharing and solving revenue cycle issues.
    695 members
  • Rural Health Forum

    Rural Health Forum

    Rural Health Forum is a community group focused on the unique issues faced by critical access and rural health providers. Members can explore and connect on a wide range of topics impacting healthcare in a rural setting.
    51 members