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  • COVID-19 Crisis: Business Partners Helping Now

    COVID-19 Crisis: Business Partners Helping Now

    This group is intended for business partners to post messages, offers and resources to help providers during the COVID-19 crisis. Posts should be helpful and not overtly commercial in nature.
    222 members
  • Denials Management Forum

    Denials Management Forum

    This group is for members to discuss tips and tools for improving claims integrity. Members of this group can discuss what they are doing to promote administrative simplification, increase automation, and improve the patient experience.
    510 members
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Forum

    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Forum

    The DEI community forum supports the efforts of our members to ensure that patients to staff in our hospital and health systems feel seen, included, and valued.
    105 members
  • Enterprise Membership Resource Forum

    Enterprise Membership Resource Forum

    This community group encourages you to connect with administrators in other Enterprise Member organizations to share best practices, strategies, problems (and solutions), and insights related to HFMA’s Enterprise Membership.
    76 members
  • HFMA Annual Conference Network

    HFMA Annual Conference Network

    Join our annual conference network for purposeful, meaningful connections and discussions between annual conference attendees, speakers, business partners and members. This is a space to explore and expand on ideas and connect virtually and in person.
    419 members
  • HFMA Certifications

    HFMA Certifications

    Join this group to ask questions related to HFMA certification programs, network with peers, and share ideas and best practices.
    Last Activity: 3 days ago
    438 members
  • HFMA International Community

    HFMA International Community

    HFMA welcomes its international members to build a community by sharing ideas, resources, and solutions in this group. Although this group has an international focus, our U.S. members are welcome to join and contribute.
    27 members
  • HFMA Leadership Courses

    HFMA Leadership Courses

    The HFMA Leadership course series provides healthcare financial leadership training and in-depth knowledge from experts in the field. These courses focus on the critical skills needed to lead teams and staff in an evolving healthcare environment.
    Last Activity: 6 days ago
    45 members
  • Legal and Regulatory Forum

    Legal and Regulatory Forum

    The Legal and Regulatory Forum is a community where healthcare compliance professionals and attorneys focus on on exploring, sharing and interpreting legal and regulatory issues.
    503 members
  • MAP App Users Forum

    MAP App Users Forum

    This group is for MAP App subscribers to learn about tips and tools and share best practices pre and post MAP App implementation.
    497 members
  • MAP Award Forum

    MAP Award Forum

    This group is for members to learn about submitting MAP Awards as well as share tips, tools, and best practices for applying for the award.
    11 members
  • Membership Resource Forum

    Membership Resource Forum

    All members and prospective members are invited to explore this group which focuses on HFMA membership and benefits. Feel free to offer feedback, pose membership-related questions, and connect with others about their personal membership experiences.
    Last Activity: 7 days ago
    98 members
  • No Surprises Act Forum

    No Surprises Act Forum

    The No Surprises Act Forum is a designated group focused on exchanging resources, discussing implementation challenges, and sharing up-to-date FAQs and regulation guidance.
    1988 members
  • Open Forum

    Open Forum

    This is a group for all HFMA members to join, participate, share and start discussions around any subject you are interested. Please make sure to follow HFMA Guidelines.
    669 members
  • Payment and Reimbursement Forum

    Payment and Reimbursement Forum

    The Payment and Reimbursement Forum is a community group where healthcare contracting professionals can share questions, answers, tools, and blog posts about payment and reimbursement issues.
    1027 members