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CSBI Training

The TN Chapter is in the beginning stages of planning virtual education sessions for the CSBI Certification early next year. 

These sessions would be the first of its kind nationwide and aligns with our goals of furthering member education/outreach!

I am humbly asking all CSBI certified members to see if you would you be interested in either helping plan the education sessions (pulling info from the online material) or even possibly leading one of the sessions as a speaker! 

Your insight will be highly beneficial to all members seeking this certification.

We would have a brief call every so often at everyone’s convenience to discuss planning and best practices for passing the test!

Please reach out to Chase Wunder by email, chase.wunder@wakeassoc.com if you are interested! 

Katie Tarr

HFMA TN President 2022-2023

  • Oh that is AWESOME Kate!  The CSBI certification is vital these days with hospitals struggling to meet its bottom line, the uncertainty of the economy, supply costs going through the roof,  and other healthcare providers wanting to invest capital to offer other services.  I am glad that the CSBI will be the focus training for 2023.  I am willing to help in any way I can.  I will definitely reach out to Chase.