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HFMA Fellowship Application Update

The FHFMA® (Fellow of HFMA) designation is an earned designation bestowed in recognition of demonstrated financial management expertise and distinguished service in the healthcare financial management industry. As part of this designation, HFMA expects Fellows to demonstrate ongoing discipline, expertise, contributions, and experience of professional learning in the field. In an effort to broaden the reach for those not previously able to meet all requirements, HFMA has included "Equivalent Experience" as an alternate requirement to the "Evidence of Degree" section.

The revised requirement is outlined below. More information and full Fellowship application requirement details can be found here.

  • Hold the Certified Healthcare Financial Professional
  • Minimum five (5) years professional membership in HFMA (student membership does not count toward this total)
  • Evidence of bachelor's or master’s degree OR equivalent experience (demonstrated by 10+ years of healthcare industry experience) (both pieces of evidence are NOT required)
  • Letter of recommendation from an FHFMA® (active volunteer, familiar with you/your work on a professional level
  • Volunteer activity — demonstrate any one, or combination of the following contributions to HFMA or the industry within the three years prior to applying.

How do we verify the 10+ years of healthcare industry experience? A letter from an employer attesting to the fact OR resume highlighting tenure will suffice (both are not required).

Note: If you have previously submitted your Fellowship application you do not need to submit any additional documentation.

(FHFMA application requirements revised and effective Nov. 1, 2022)

Questions? Email careerservices@hfma.org.

  • Hi Shirley.  The FHFMA is something I aspire to achieve.  I still have another 2+ before I'd be eligible to earning the FHFMA.  I am reaching out because with this aspiration also comes the deciding factor of where to begin.  I would really like to have a mentor that I could learn from that is a current FHFMA holder or is also on that journey.  I need help being pointed in the right direction and help along the way.  No one can go it alone, it is a community effort to motivate eachother to bring out the best in eachother.

    Thank you,

    Brian S George

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous over 1 year ago in reply to Brian George


    This is a great point! I will take this to the Tennessee leadership and ask we add a webinar series on FHFMA to compliment our CHFP and CRCR trainings! There are a number of FHFMA chapter leaders. 

    Katie Tarr, MBA, CVA, FHFMA, CRCR

     President, HFMA Tennessee Chapter 2022-2023

    Direct: 615.690.1944 | katie.tarr@lbmc.com

    Visit our chapter website here

  • Brian,

    Great point! I will take this back to Tennessee leadership to add webinar sessions or mentorship on FHFMA to compliment our CHFP and CRCR trainings. I'll email you directly, more to come.

    Katie Tarr, MBA, CVA, FHFMA

     President, HFMA Tennessee Chapter 2022-2023

    Direct: 615.690.1944 | katie.tarr@lbmc.com

    Visit our chapter website here

  • Katie, I LOVE this idea. Please reach out to us here if you need anything.

  • Brian, I totally agree re: mentoring! Please let us know how we can assist you with your goals. I look forward to receiving your Fellowship application once you meet all requirements!

  • This is terrific.  Thank you Katie.  I look forward to hearing more and how I could potentially be involved.  

  • Thank you Shirley.  I've worked in accounting for over 20 years.  After COVID it seems like my career has gone backward instead of forward.  I love the ASC model.  I want to get more involved with healthcare policies,  policies that create a better patient experience and financial growth.  I would like to get connected with someone that will guide me on what I need to do to get where I want to go.  Help me get there.  For so long I have been passive but in doing so I have missed multiple opportunities that I'll never get back.  I don't want to miss any more opportunities going forward.  I believe that the mentor I'd be looking for is humble but confident man/woman with a wealth of experience.  I want to be part of something great and make an impact on something I have a lot of passion for, the healthcare industry.

    Thank you both Katie and Shirley.  I appreciate both of you very much.