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HFMA certifications for MBA/MSF


Hello members, 

I am currently finishing my graduate program with my MBA and MSF degree. I have been working in the healthcare administration field for the last 6 years and plan to continue working in the field after I finish school. I would like to know what certification is recommended to have with my degrees that would be helpful. I have an interest in finance and strategic. Some of the certifications that I am interested in are CSAF, CSBI, and the CHFP. Which of these would you recommend that could help leverage in my career endeavors? 

  • Hello, thank you for your post and inquiry. HFMA would recommend the CHFP and CSAF certifications for finance and strategic planning. Please contact me at careerservices@hfma.org and I can provide you with more information.

  • I would definitely recommend the CHFP and CSAF.  But since you're a member take all of them in time.  The CRCR gives you deeper insight into Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurances.  Although you may not work directly with insurance plans it gives you a well rounded understanding.  The CSBI is an excellent course.  They are updating the CSBI and I anxiously await the new and updated format and updated information. If you have time try taking them all.  I find each certification to be challenging and informational giving you great insight and perspective.