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CRCR Recertification


I have not passed my recert for CRCR and have no attempts remaining.  Will I get another opportunity after 30 days or should  I go with the Original CRCR again?  My CRCR does not expire until May 31.

Thanks, Torie

  • Hello, thank you for following up on your assessment retake. You can retake the CRCR recertification assessment after the 30-day waiting period. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. If you need any resources, please email careerservices@hfma.org.

  • Torie - The Tennessee Chapter has great resources for the CRCR certification. Shoot me an email at katie.tarr@lbmc.com and I can send you our powerpoints and recordings (6 + 1 test prep). I think you will find them very helpful and if you read through or listen to the 6 sessions and can get 50% of the practice test questions right in session 7 you will be ready for recert/cert! Katie

  • Torie, here are some tips to help prepare you for the CRCR Recertification assessment retake:

    • I recommend taking the time until your next attempt (after the 30-day waiting period) to review your recent assessment summary results to see what units of the program you need more focus on. This summary may be accessed in the assessment section.
    • Set aside time to study and review – uninterrupted, without distraction. If you’re multitasking while reviewing the course, you won’t retain the information. Capture your notes for areas you need to focus more on. You can do this within the course under the “Notes” section or in the Key Concepts Guide (you can print out the guide directly in the course).
    • Make sure you understand the learning objectives that are presented at the start of each course. The learning objectives of the eLearning course can be an excellent road map during online learning.
    • At the end of your review look at those objectives again and make sure you can achieve them (Recognize, Identify, etc.).
    • Ensure you thoroughly read the material as the assessment questions do tie back to the content you’ve learned.

    Questions? Email careerservices@hfma.org