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CRCR Recertification

I studied and took the recertification test yesterday.  I passed!!

If I can share any best practices on the recertification, please let me know.  Happy to help.


  • Hi Anne,

    Is the recertification the same as the original test?  Please share anything that may help.



  • Congratulations on passing your recertification test! And yes, please do share any helpful tips in this thread so others can learn from your best practices and be prepared. 

  • Beth, the 2022 CRCR recertification program includes study materials and assessment. Recertification is a shorter assessment, 50 questions vs. 75 in original CRCR, focusing on revenue cycle topics HFMA requires for continuing competence in the CRCR certification. The content is much less than in the original CRCR program. 2022 CRCR recertification outline:

    • Patient Experience and Satisfaction
    • Healthcare Financial Reporting
    • Key Performance Indicators
    • Types of Patients
    • Patient Financial Communications
    • Revenue Capture and Recognition
    • Basic Billing Rules and Payment Methods
    • Addendum COVID-19 Regulatory Changes
    • Exception-based Processing
    • Self-pay Follow-up

    Feel free to reach out with any additional questions to careerservices@hfma.org or reply here.

  • Hi Shirley,

    Where can I find the study materials for this?



  • Beth, if you are in your maintenance year of eligibility, you can follow directions below to enroll and view the materials in your eLearning dashboard.

    • Sign in to your HFMA account.
    • Once you're signed in, click on your account profile in the top right corner of the page and select "My Development" from the dropdown options.
    • Select the “Certifications” tab.
    • Click on “Maintain Your Certification” to enroll in the 2022 recertification program. Only those eligible in 2022 are able to enroll.
  • Good Morning Anna,

    this is my first time taking the CRCR any tips please ! that would be great or where can I can more information.

  • Hi Tatiana and thank you for this question. Hopefully, some fellow members who have already taken the CRCR can offer their advice, but here's a discussion with some study tips: (11) HFMA CRCR Certification Program Study Tips - Discussions - HFMA Certifications - HFMA Community. Please use the discussion forum if you have any additional questions about taking the CRCR and best of luck to you!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous over 1 year ago in reply to tatiana agudelo

    Hello Tatiana, the only tip that I could offer is to review the  quizzes within the study material.  Also read all the resource material.  Not all exams are the same.  I assume HFMA has multiple exams for each certification.  I'm pretty sure most organizations give the same exam but have different questions or the questions are in different order.  I would just make sure you feel confident in the knowledge you gained and once you feel that you have the knowledge you need to sit for the exam, read each question twice and make sure you understand the  question because sometimes there will be the word "NOT" in the question but then the answer to the  question without "NOT" would be one of the choices.  I hope that makes sense.  Don't stress, just answer to the best of your knowledge.  I took my time going through the study material.  I believe it was over three weeks.  The exam is straight forward with no "trick" questions other than the word "NOT" in the question.  Good luck! 

  • My advice would be to review the quizzes within the study material.  Make sure you've spent time in the study material and feel confident.  If you feel any uncertainty review the course again.  It never hurts to review it again.  When you are ready to take the exam, breathe, read each question carefully, make sure you have a secure internet connections (preferably not wireless) and use Google Chrome.  I'm sure that each exam is worded different so just be sure to read the questions.

  • Great tips from everyone! Thank you for sharing. If you have more specific questions, please reach out to me at careerserices@hfma.org.